Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 News, Guidance and Policy Updates


Today, we are updating our booking terms to reflect developments with our operational capability and developments within the domestic travel industry.

Up until now we have offered temporary terms for 2020 bookings related to the pandemic. We will continue to honour those terms for all bookings created before 12.00 midday on 20th August 2020 but thereafter the updated terms will apply for all new bookings created for 2020 AND 2021.

The main changes are:

  • 25% deposit is due on booking.
  • The balance is due 60 days before travel.
  • Our cancellation charges have been changed as outlined below:
Notice Period Cancellation Charge
More than 60 days £45 per person
30 to 60 days 25% of holiday cost
Less than 30 days 100% of holiday cost


These changes reflect the following developments:

  • We are now sucessfully operating with Covid-19 secure measures in place and favourable feedback has been given by our passengers. You can see related reviews on our verified reviews page.
  • The insurance industry has responded to the pandemic and Covid-19 related travel cover (including if you are unable to travel due to catching the disease or are affected by local lockdown) is becoming available. See for advice and to buy a policy.
  • Almost all aspects of the UK economy and hospitality businesses are now open.
  • We are not affected by FCO advice on cruise ships because that advice applies to international ocean going trips only. You can see further details and updateson the FCO site.

Customers may be concerned as to what would happen if we were affected by a local lockdown. If Gloucester (our home port) is put into local lockdown then we may not be able to operate but it would depend on the circumstances and consultation with local government. If any of our destinations are put into local lock down we may be forced to reschedule destinations.


The FCO has updated and clarified its advice regarding cruise travel. It clearly states now that the advice is related to ocean going cruise ships, not cruises like the ones we provide:

"The Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises against cruise ship travel at this time. This is due to the ongoing pandemic and is based on medical advice from Public Health England.

Cruise ship travel means staying overnight for at least 1 night on a sea-going cruise ship with people from multiple households.

Our advice against cruises applies to international travel on a ship that is exclusively for pleasure or recreation, providing overnight accommodation and other leisure facilities such as entertainment venues or swimming pools.

Our advice does not include ferries or privately-rented boats.

The government will continue to review its cruise ship travel advice based on the latest medical advice."

See the full statement here: 



New Email sent to customers and potential customers as below:



Hello Everybody,

Highlights of this email:

• Government permits Visitor Economy including all forms of boating to reopen 4th July
• Our mitigation measures to meet and exceed Government guidelines
• We continue to provide financial security and flexible booking conditions for 2020

Here’s hoping – again – that you and yours are staying safe. As the lockdown eases and holidays become possible again, I trust you are making plans to get away, at least for a ‘Staycation’: some of you already have bookings with us while others may not have decided but either way, please read on to see why we are a good choice for a relaxing holiday in England. If you haven’t made a booking already, please visit or call us on 01452-410411. We are emerging from furlough and have re-opened our office for calls between 10am and 4pm. Our first cruise is scheduled for 10th August and this has space available.

The Government have now confirmed that all inland boating can resume on 4th July, including Passenger vessels and Hotel boats offering overnight stays. The relevant guidance is here
We have been pouring over the safety requirements which apply to us and we are pleased to say that we will not only be able to meet the new requirements but also go further.

We can go further because we have a river cruiser which we can make into an especially secure zone: we can stop contamination coming aboard; our passengers remain for a complete cruise rather than checking in and out and mixing around every day: you will sleep in the same cabin, eat in the same chair, get served by the same crew and get plenty of fresh air right through your stay! This all means that you should feel much safer on holiday with us than in a regular land-based hospitality outlet and, unlike sea-going ships, you won’t be left trapped aboard at any time either.

Putting the new government safety guidelines into place will serve to reinforce these natural advantages. We have carried out a thorough risk assessment and designed detailed mitigation measures.

We will guide you through all of these new procedures with our usual frequent (and fun) briefings, plus some (inevitable and statutory!) signage but with your help I’m sure we can make your cruise holiday with us more safe, comforting and relaxing than any almost other holiday in England.

Before closing, let me add a reminder about the safety of your deposit payments. We will always ensure that you can relax when you pay deposits for your holiday with us, confident that we will refund you in cash in line with our cancellation terms, confident that you are getting the best value for money whenever you do cruise with us and assured that we will not charge more for a postponed cruise. Our latest terms for date changes and cancellations of 2020 bookings are shown below and we will update you whenever necessary.

I hope this information is helpful but if you have any questions at all or wish to book a cruise please visit or call us on 01452-410411 and we’ll look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Richard - and Jay, Judith, Steve, Sam & Fran.


New Email sent to customers and interested parties:


Hello Everybody,

I hope that you have all remained safe and healthy during lockdown. For those of you self-isolating, I hope that the experience has proved comfortable, and that the wonderful weather has helped you through it. On our part, we have a new addition to our family: my son Jay’s wife Gill gave birth to baby Alice Clements on 29th May!

The Government began to ease lockdown restrictions a short while ago and currently plan to allow the hospitality sector to reopen on 4th July. They will soon publish the precautions we will be required to follow and whenever they do, we will be changing our procedures to comply with – and even exceed them - whilst ensuring that you also enjoy a relaxing holiday with us. We will need some extra time to make these changes, so we now plan to restart our cruising in August. So, from then you will be able to take a ‘staycation’ with us in probably the safest region of England, with the NHS nearby and no flights or airports to worry about. If you haven’t made a booking already, please visit or call us on 01452-410411 to leave a request for our call back.

The key principles we will follow to enhance your safety are: to stop any contamination from coming aboard the  Edward Elgar; to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination; to deal with any outbreak effectively; and return you to our home port of Gloucester safely. We will write again to explain further details so that you can prepare to play your part in these endeavours and feel confident of others doing the same – please look out for further emails from us and check our latest information at

We have also been working to ensure your financial security. As you know, when the current emergency started, we relaxed our date-change and cancellation terms and returned customer deposits in cash when requested, less admin fees in most cases. We did not resort to ‘refund credit notes’ which many other travel organisers have used. We also announced a policy of ensuring that everybody on the same cruise enjoys the same best ever offers on that same cruise.

Now, we want to re-assure you further, in two ways: Recently, some travel companies have increased their prices when customers postpone their holidays: we will never do that, so if you wish to postpone, we will not charge more for the new date. Secondly, we have decided to further relax our payment terms for all 2020 cruises: you may now cancel as little as 30 days prior to a 2020 cruise and receive your initial deposit back in cash, less our admin charge of £45pp. As before, you may also postpone the date of your cruise at the same point in time, free of charge.

The details of these policies may change to suit the circumstances but we will always ensure that you can relax when you pay deposits for your holiday with us, confident that we will refund you in cash in line with our cancellation terms, confident that you are getting the best value for money whenever you do cruise with us and assured that we will not charge more for a postponed cruise. Our latest terms for date changes and cancellations of 2020 bookings are shown below and we will update you whenever necessary.

Happier times will return, of that I am certain. Yet I am also mindful that we can never forget the many who have suffered. Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and our gratitude is with those frontline workers in the NHS and elsewhere who have kept our society functioning throughout this challenging period. I thank my core staff who have remained with me throughout this difficult period for their commitment and loyalty.

For now, we work with determination towards our goal of restarting our cruises in August. Keep updated, or book a cruise at and I look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Richard - and Jay, Judith, Steve, Sam & Fran.


Key points about cancelling your 2020 booking or postponing it to any date in 2020 or 2021

  1. For all bookings for the 2020 season until further notice, passengers may cancel up to 30 days prior to their cruise (rather than 90) and get a cash refund of their total deposit less our cancellation fee of £45pp. Alternatively, at the same point in time, they may postpone the date of their cruise to another date in 2020 or 2021 without charge and without paying any more for their new date, provided it is for the same cruise type.
  2. After the initial 25% deposit, balances will now be due only 30 days in advance (rather than 90 days). After this time our normal cancellation terms will apply and no refund will be due.
  3. For new bookings in 2021 all of our normal terms will apply.
  4. If we are forced to cancel any cruise in advance, we will refund all prior payments in cash.
  5. If you wish to book any cruise, please ensure that you arrange cancellation insurance. Our partner Just Travel Cover can suggest an appropriate policy. Visit or call them on 0800-294-2972.


As this is a constantly changing situation, we are publishing updates to our policies on the FAQ Covid-19 section of our website as and when they occur. Please check the latest information at 



To continue to be as flexible as we can in this difficult time, we are amending our balance paymens dates to 30 days prior to the scheduled sailing until further notice.

Up until now we have asked for all balance payments to be made 90 days before the sailing with the possibility to cancel up to 30 days before the sailing. When a cruise is 30 days away passengers will need to either pay their balance or cancel their booking.


Please note that as of 2.4.20 until further notice, we will only be able to take voicemails left at 01452 410411 or emails sent to  This is because most of our staff have been placed in furlough due to corona virus so we are not able to answer incoming calls. Please be patient with us and if you leave us a message or send an email, we will respond as quickly as we can but it is unlikely to be on the same day.

Richard Clements


Hello everybody,

I hope that you are all staying safe. We have been heartened by your response to our letter of 18th March. Many of you are rebooking for later dates, others understandably prefer to cancel but a large proportion of those cancelling have made a voluntary contribution as well as paying the administration fee. Virtually everybody – around the same 98% as we advertise as recommending our holidays – are wishing us well for the future. Challenging situations bring out occasionally the worst, but mostly the best, from the great British public and by example I must mention the customers who have both cancelled AND told us to keep the full payment for their holiday! They really did bring tears to our eyes and we are most grateful for their support. This small family company is very grateful for the support of all of you who have given it, in any form. Thank you.

We have been making calls to as many of you as possible who are booked on cruises before 15th June, plus all later cruisers calling in. Each call is taking some time, so If we haven’t talked to you yet please don’t worry, we are working flat out and will call you soon. For all of you booked on cruises boarding on or after 15th June, if you wish to change your booking in any way may I remind you to please call us after Monday 30th March.

Again, may I re-assure you that we will refund the bulk of your deposits to all who prefer to cancel cruises due to board before 15th June, 2020 . All your money is in a separate account which I have never used to run our business (until such time as we have delivered your holidays). We will struggle over the coming year but with your various kindnesses, our own reserves and some help from government, we fully intend to survive. (By the way, some of our staff will benefit from the Job Retention support scheme but marine businesses currently fall between the cracks of all the other support announced, so we are appealing for more – watch this space!).

As this is a constantly changing situation there will be a need for updates periodically. We are not able to do this by post as frequently as we have been so from now on all updates will be published to this webpage. Please read through the Frequently-Asked Questions and our answers below.

If you have email, I strongly recommend you sign up to our email newsletter using the form on the footer of this webpage so you can stay up to date.

Many thanks and continue to take care,

Richard, Judith, Jay, Sam, Fran, ‘Skip’ and the Edward Elgar Crew