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Wanted : Reliable, organised, outgoing and independent people who like a challenge and learn fast.

Working with us offers a unique working experience so read the headline again. Are you reliable? Organised? Outgoing? Independent? Like a challenge? If you answered no to ANY of these questions then we probably don’t have a suitable position for you.

However, if you answered YES to all of them, then maybe we could work together and you could be one of our next superstar crew members.

That probably sounds like a big claim but last year our crew really delivered and if you want to be a successful candidate you will need a similar high level of skills and the right attitudes.

Our customer feedback about our crew last year was so good that we actually print it in our brochure:

Although each individual position requires a different skill set, there are a few essentials for all crew members. You MUST read this before you apply.

  • Independent and able to self motivate. You won’t have a manager peering over your shoulder all the time but you still need to get the job done on time and to a high standard.
  • Be very organised and methodical. You need to like lists and procedures and follow them to the letter. Procedure number one is our application form. Read the guidance for completing it carefully.
  • Willing to learn new things. If you know it all then good for you but that kind of attitude will let you down. There is always something new to learn.
  • Considerate of others. You are going to be living and working with the same people every day. If you are noisy and untidy then we might not enjoy working with you. You will be provided with your own private cabin for accommodation.
  • Reliable. Always on time and follow through with your commitments? Apply! Often late and struggle to finish anything? Don’t.
  • Able to LIVE IN and commit to the entire season from mid-March until the end of October.
  • Be physically fit and not suffer from claustrophobia. You need to be able to get around the boat, occasionally up ladders etc. If you have a long term health issue or previously suffered from a significant health issue then please let us know at application stage as some conditions will prohibit you from working on a ship by law. You have to be able to swim. (Just in case!)
  • Have the legal right to live and work in the UK and preferably have a National Insurance number. No current criminal convictions or outstanding investigations.
  • Be completely fluent in written and spoken English to a very high standard.
  • A friendly person that takes an active interest in their customers and colleagues.
  • No visible offensive tattoos when wearing shorts and polo shirt. Unoffensive Tattoos are acceptable.
  • Never been dismissed from a position for gross misconduct
  • Supervisory experience preferred but not essential.
  • At least two years experience in a customer facing service based business.

If you are all of the above and we hire you then in return we will:

  • Provide you with training in customer service, time management, self motivation and personal development. Lots of new skills to give you better prospects for the future.
  • Weekly pay which you can just bank as you live on board and we supply the food. You will have almost zero expenses.
  • A great working environment that despite having lots of routines will still provide daily challenges. We are also a family business so we provide more attention to our staff than larger businesses.
  • Immediate customer feedback and job satisfaction. Our Guests always leave gratuities, often send cards and sometimes, chocolate.
  • Job security if you complete the season. If we still like each other then you will get first refusal on your position to return next year.
  • Guidance at any time and weekly crew meetings.
  • Standard operating procedures and rosters to stick to.

Here are a few things we can't provide:

  • Holidays and time off whenever you want. If you come to do a season you are committed for the whole season to a duty/on-call roster which we set. There are some exceptions such as bereavement where we can make special arrangements for time off.
  • A permanent job until you have completed a probationary period of 3 months. We do not provide permanent job offers until people have proved they can do the job to a level we have assessed as excellent. Generally though if you are honest in the application process and are offered the job, you will make it through the probationary period.
  • Time down at the pub. If you are working on board you are required to be sober by law. Drinking is only permitted during time off.

Make sure you have read and understood all of the above. Think you are who we are looking for? One last thing to consider.

If you get a job with us here, you WILL need to work hard and find some days very challenging. But the rewards can be great in terms of unique job roles, job satisfaction with immediate and usually favourable guest feedback, cruise ship training and experience plus money in the bank.

No Current Vacancies