Deckhand / Steward Application.

Thank you for your interest in working with us. The Deckhand's job purpose is to help the Captain to provide customers with safe and relaxing cruises. They must be passionate about safety, cleanliness and customer service. Duties as Deckhand include the following but we are also looking for the deckhand to rotate into the steward's job for one week per month (so refer to the Steward's duties for more information):

  • Deckwork including rope work, gangway deployment, fenders, assisting general mooring operations and going through locks.
  • Cleaning of the exterior of the boat including windows, decks and stairwells.
  • Lots of bar work serving drinks to customers, working the till, monitoring and ordering bar stocks, washing up and cleaning glasses.
  • Explaining to guests what they can see and do at each stop.
  • Assisting customers as necessary with bags.
  • Basic maintenance such as changing light bulbs.
  • Cleaning of some of the ships systems including the shower water filtration system.
  • Assisting with pumping out operations, re-fueling, rubbish removal and re-stocking.
  • Lots of customer contact and the ability to turn your hand to any job as necessary to help the team on board like meal service and clearing, washing up on occasion, serving teas and coffees etc.
  • You will be taught basic helmsman's skills to be able to steer a reasonable course.

The Deckhand/Steward must be very flexible and willing to turn their hand to a wide variety of tasks, comfortable and constructive in a small team environment and display attitudes which fit with the needs of the company and its customers.

Duty will run to around 50 hrs across usually 6-days/week for 3 weeks in 4 with the 4th week off-duty/on-call also paid. The pay rate is £412.50 every week plus for weeks on duty an equal share of gratuities. Accommodation is also provided during weeks on duty, plus meals when guests are aboard. (But if you prefer to work and liveaboard continuously, we can discuss that)

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