Team Role Questionairre

Richard Clements

Hi there. We’re interested in you for our crew so please fill out this questionnaire and once you have done it I will be in touch to arrange a phone or Skype interview.  As you should have been told, there are no right or wrong answers as this questionnaire is about YOU, not your qualifications. Read the instructions very carefully and BE HONEST.

Richard Clements Managing Director


At English Holiday Cruises, the team on board is everything. They are the representatives of the company in every way as they deal face to face with our customers. We take a lot of care to support and train our crews, but this means we also need the right people in that team. Some of them need to be leaders and doers, some of them just need to have attention to detail and some of them need to be creative. We like to see a broad spectrum of people types on board as we think that makes up a flexible and highly capable crew. We also like to think there is a role for every type of person within our company.

This is a short multiple choice questionnaire to evaluate your work approach as part of a team. There are no right or wrong answers to this evaluation as everyone is unique so please rate each statement honestly, not how you think we might want to see them rated.

Tests without honest ratings are easy to spot! We will use this evaluation not just to evaluate your application. If you are hired we will use the results here to try and play to your strengths and help you work on your weaknesses during training and your employment with us. So be honest!


For each of the following sections distribute a total of ten points among the sentences, which you think, best describes your behaviour. The higher the points you give for each statement, the more you agree with it.   These points may be distributed among several statements in each section. In some cases they may be spread amongst all the statements, or all of the ten points may be given to a single statement. Giving a score of 10 for one statement in a section means that you strongly agree with that statement, but none of the others as they would all get zero points.  Remember you only have a total of TEN POINTS for each section NOT EACH STATEMENT. So section one gets 10 points, section 2 10 points and so on. Use all ten on one statement and then you need to leave all other sentences in that section with a zero score.

Incorrect Example

A: 8

B: 7
C: 6 etc etc. Each statement has been marked out of 10 instead of distributing a total of ten points across the 10 statements in the section.

Section One Answers have all been given a mark out of ten each and the grand total of marks across section one is well above 10.  DO NOT COMPLETE THE QUESTIONAIRRE IN THIS WAY.

Correct Example

Section One Answers might be:

A: 0
B: 4
C: 2
D : 0
E: 1
F: 3
G: 0
H: 0
The grand total points across statements in section one add up to ten. This is how to complete the questionairre.

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