Master application

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

The Skipper’s job purpose is to manage the ship and crew to ensure that all passengers enjoy a safe, comfortable and enjoyable cruise holiday.

Duties include preparation of the vessel for sailing, piloting of the vessel, briefing and regular communication with the passengers, management of the crew, daily engine and equipment checks, turnaround management and safety drills.

The Skipper must be comfortable in a convivial and sociable guest environment; constructively manage a small team; and fit well into a family 'hands on' company. Whilst on board, you're the 'boss' but hopefully not 'bossy'. The job is a seasonal fixed-term contract, running from mid-March until the end of October.

Besides the general requirements for employment described above, applicants for this position should have suitable coastal/harbour/inland experience on vessels of 100 GT or more handling close quarter manoeuvres; experience in a customer facing role or passenger ship and preferably have a Boatmaster certificate or equivalent. You must be available from mid March or possibly earlier for local waterway familiarisation training.

This role as Master is really unique.  We have had yacht skippers to ex VLCC skippers to Hovercraft skippers work with us. The keys to being successful are skillful piloting at close quarters, calm but effective crew management and confident, friendly communication with guests. Applicants that have only ever worked on freight vessels and workboats are unlikely to be successful unless they have other work experience in the hospitality industry in a customer facing role.

Your workload will total around 50hrs/week across usually 5 nights/6 days/week and there are opportunities to run a rotation of 3 to 4 weeks on-duty then 1 week off-duty/on-call, subject to discussion.


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