Steward  Application

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

The steward’s job purpose is to provide customers with high standards of meal service, housekeeping and general hospitality. Duties are shared between two stewards. They must be passionate about service, hospitality and cleanliness.

Duties include laying-out tables, serving ‘banquet’ style, clearing away and washing up, for 3 meals/day.

There are also housekeeping duties, mainly to clean/refresh 11 cabins daily and bar duties, serving drinks from the bar, taking cash and credit/debit card payments and checking stocks.

The Stewards must be comfortable and friendly with elderly guests, constructive in a small team environment and display attitudes which fit with the needs of our family-owned company and its customers.

Duty runs to around 50 hours a week. The pay rate is £436 every week, plus an equal share of gratuities. Accommodation is also provided plus meals and soft drinks when guests are aboard.

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