English Holiday Cruises - Hiring now for 2015 season.

Wanted : Ultra reliable, organised,  outgoing and independent people that like a challenge.

  • Steward / Stewardess

    We have one role available as a steward/ess. Primary roles are service and cleaning up of food and drink as well as cleaning cabins.

  • Deckhand / First Mate

    We have one deckhand position available. Primary roles are helping with moorings, bar service, briefing passengers, running decks games, keeping the exterior of the boat clean.

  • Chef

    We have one vacancy for a chef. Primary roles are preparation of food for passengers and crew, stock management, ordering and receiving of stock and keeping food areas clean.

  • Master

    We have one master position available. Primary roles are navigation of the vessel, daily checks and maintenance, spares stock control, host to passengers and management of crew.

We are now looking for our 2015 crew for our Hotel Boat ‘Edward Elgar’.  The positions available offer a totally unique working experience so read the headline again. Are you reliable? Organised? Outgoing? Independent? Like a challenge? If you answered no to ANY of these questions then we probably don’t have a suitable position for you.

If however you answered YES to all of the above, then maybe we could work together and you could be one of the next superstar crew members.

That probably sounds like a big claim but our 2014 crew really delivered and if you want to be a successful candidate you will need the skills and attitude in order to match them.

The customer feedback is so good about our crew from 2014 we actually print it in our brochure on page 15:

Although each individual position requires a different skill set, there are a few MUST HAVES for all crew members. You MUST read this before you apply for any position.

  • Independent and able to self motivate. You won’t have a manager peering over your shoulder all the time but you still need to get it done on time and to a high standard.
  • Be very organised and methodical. You need to like lists and procedures and follow them to the letter.
  • Willing to learn new things. If you know it all then good for you but we won’t have a suitable position for you here. There is always something new to learn.
  • Considerate of others. You are going to be living in close quarters with other people. If you are really noisy and don’t like to wash much then we might not enjoy working with you. You will be sharing a small cabin with another crew member unless you are applying for the Master’s position.
  • Reliable. Always on time and follow through with your commitments? Apply! Always late and struggle to finish anything? Don’t.
  • Able to LIVE IN and commit to the entire season from 24/3/15 until 2/11/15. You have to be able to swim. Just in case;)
  • Be physically fit and not suffer from claustrophobia. You need to be able to get around the boat up ladders etc. If you have a chronic condition then please let us know at application stage as some conditions will prohibit you from working on a boat by law.
  • Have the legal right to live and work in the UK, have a National insurance number and a UK based Bank account. No criminal convictions or outstanding investigations.
  • Be completely fluent in written and spoken English to a very high standard.
  • A friendly person that takes an active interest in their customers and colleagues.

If you are all of the above and we hire you then in return we will:

  • Provide you with industry leading training in customer service, time management, self motivation and personal development through training. Lots of new skills to give you better prospects for the future.
  • Weekly pay which you can just bank as you live on board and we supply the food. You will have almost zero expenses.
  • A great working environment that despite having lots of routines will still provide daily challenges. We are also a family business so we can provide more attention to our staff than larger businesses can.
  • Frequent customer feedback and job satisfaction. They usually send cards. Occasionally chocolate;)
  • Job security if you complete the season. If you do the whole season and we still like each other then you will get first refusal on your position to come back for 2016.
  • Guidance at any time, weekly meetings and regular social outings.
  • Standard operating procedures and rosters to stick to.
  • Details of when you have time off for the entire season straight away so you can plan your time off.
  • An end of season bonus of one week’s pay.
  • A portfolio of your achievements, references and development at the end of the season to help you move on quickly to your next job opportunity if that is your plan.

Here are a few things we can't provide:

  • Holidays and time off. If you come to do a season you are committed for the whole season. You will get three to five full days off per month but we do pay you appropriately including holiday pay. There are some exceptions such as bereavement.
  • A permanent job offer until you have completed a probationary period of 6 weeks. We do not provide permanent job offers until people have proved they can do the job to a level we have assessed is good enough. Generally though if you are honest in the application process and are offered the job, you will make it through the probationary period.
  • Time down at the pub. If you are working on board you are required to be sober by law. Drinking is only permitted during time off.

Make sure you have READ and UNDERSTOOD all of the above. Think you are who we are looking for? One last thing to consider.

If you get a job with us here, you WILL need to work hard and some days you will be pushed and challenged. But the rewards can be great in return in terms of unique job roles, job satisfaction, experience, training and money in the bank. That’s what being on boats is about;)

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